About Us

At Goodboy Gravies, we understand the struggle of getting dogs to eat their kibble.

As dog owners ourselves, we experienced this problem firsthand with our three pups: Sadie, Rambo, and Reese.

They would graze, snack, and refuse to eat their kibble when we needed them to, causing low energy levels and bouts of vomiting (the foamy yellow stuff - gross). We worried they weren't getting the nutrients they needed to be healthy as a result.

We tried EVERYTHING from "people food" to store-bought pet food toppers, but nothing seemed to work. When cheese WOULD work, it took an unhealthy amount to get them eating. Frustrated and desperate, we reached out to large pet nutrition companies for help, only to be laughed at and told that pet chews were the only solution.

But we refused to give up. I mean just look at those dogs above, how could we stop trying?

Finally, we found a small manufacturer in the Rockies who was willing to work with us to develop our dream for a healthy, delicious food topper for dogs!

We had strict standards for quality, and our dogs were our first customers. It took over nine months of trial and error, but we finally developed a formula that WORKED.

Our dogs started eating better, more frequently, and grazed less.

They were getting more appetizing flavors - and different flavors so they never got bored. Before long we noticed changes in their energy, mood and coat shine! 

We knew we had something special on our hands and decided to share it with the world.

Goodboy Gravies are not just any pet food topper. They're among the healthiest food toppers available, designed to make your dog's existing food actually taste appetizing to them and provide a comprehensive nutrient profile to ensure dogs get everything they need to be happy and healthy.

Moreover, we formulated the nutrient inclusions to actually REPLACE all of those chalky, sugary nutritional chews.

So we were able to save money as well since there was no longer a reason to buy 5 different chews every month.

Instead of one chew for multivitamins, a separate one for immunity and a separate one for skin and coat - we replaced them all with Goodboy Gravies!

Our story is one of perseverance, dedication, and love for our pets. We wanted to help our dogs, and in doing so, we created something that could help others.

We believe that every dog deserves to have a healthy, satisfying meal and we're thrilled to be able to offer that to pet owners everywhere.

Try Goodboy Gravies today and see the difference for yourself.